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What occasions is laminated glass suitable for?

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Because laminated insulating glass has high impact strength and is used, it is suitable for doors, Windows, ceilings, floors and partitions of buildings. Skylights in industrial plants; A shop window; The doors and Windows of kindergartens, gymnasiums, private houses, villas, Banks, post offices and other buildings that keep valuables or fragile glass, etc.
Sandwich insulating glass is made of polyvinyl butaldehyde (PVB) intermediate film sandwiced between the glasses by high temperature and high pressure. Laminated insulating glass made of transparent film has the same appearance and installation method as ordinary glass. Although ordinary sandwich insulating glass does not increase the mechanical strength of glass, it has become a glass product due to its following advantages. It can be used in Windows, curtain walls, skylights, suspended ceilings, overhead floors, large glass walls, indoor glass partitions, glass furniture, shop Windows, counters, aquariums and other occasions where glass is used.

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