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Why do we need insulating glass?

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According to the different places and purposes of insulating glass, the raw materials and structure of insulating glass are not the same. For example, in the southern region, the annual temperature is higher and the illumination time is longer. When using insulating glass, more consideration is given to controlling the external heat to enter the room less. When choosing the original piece of insulating glass, more consideration is given to using coated glass. In northern region, the main purpose that USES insulating glass is heating and heat preservation, can consider to choose transparent glass to make insulating glass more so original piece.
And in the place that needs to control noise, need to use insulating glass of 3 layers or inflatable, in order to achieve the purpose that use. With the development of economy, the varieties of insulating glass products have been developed and the varieties of raw materials used have been increased. Such as wall insulating glass; Insulating glass for cars and trains; Insulating glass for electrical purposes; Decorative insulating glass (including inlaid insulating glass, colored crystal vertical insulating glass) and so on. All these products, although made of different raw materials due to different USES, have the same basic composition, namely:
All kinds of glass, including all kinds of white glass, all kinds of color glass, coated glass and all kinds of secondary processing glass such as tempered glass, laminated glass and so on; All plate glass and its deep processed products are the basic components of insulating glass.
Nantong Zhongyou toughened glass manufacturing Co., LTD. Is located in Hai 'an County, Nantong city. Located at the junction of 204 and 328 National Highway. The company was founded in 2000, covers an area of more than 35,000 square meters, after many years of sustained and stable development, the company has begun to take shape.
The company produces car flat bend toughened glass, laminated glass, building glass. At the same time the production of automotive air conditioning, warm air equipment. Over the years by users trust and praise.
Intermediate interval gases, including dry air and some special inert gases such as argon, krypton and sulfur hexafluoride, are generally filled with different inert gases depending on needs and product varieties. Argon and Krypton are mainly used for heat insulation while sulfur hexafluoride is mainly used for sound insulation. Sealant seals the sides of insulating glass to ensure that as little water vapor as possible enters the inner part of insulating glass and extends the failure time of insulating glass; The desiccant ensures that all the water vapor sealed inside the insulating glass is absorbed clean, and it also adsorbs the water vapor that enters the inside of the insulating glass over time to ensure the life of the insulating glass. The spacer strip controls the space between the inner and outer two pieces of insulating glass, and controls the water vapor outside to be isolated in this part, so as to ensure the insulating glass has a reasonable space layer thickness and service life.

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