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How to distinguish the true and false of insulating glass?

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With the development of domestic glass processing industry and the deepening of people's understanding of the excellent performance of insulating glass, the application scope of insulating glass has been expanding, in addition to the glass curtain wall, cars, aircraft and other aspects of widely used, has begun to enter the ordinary people's homes.
This is mainly because the application of insulating glass can improve the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation of doors and Windows, so that doors and Windows products can not only protect against wind and rain, but also have a significant energy-saving effect, reducing the cost of winter heating and summer cooling.
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As the application of insulating glass is expanding, people have higher and higher quality requirements for insulating glass. How to grasp the development opportunity of the market and provide high quality and reliable insulating glass has become a research problem for insulating glass manufacturers.
Every insulating glass has to go through numerous tests and strict checks before it can be finished.
Firstly, the types of insulating glass and five indexes in the national standard of insulating glass are introduced:
I. Classification:
1. Trough aluminum insulating glass: This kind of insulating glass was introduced in 1980s, which is relatively mature, but the processing technology is more complex.
2. Aluminum strip insulating glass: This kind of insulating glass started late in China, but the manufacturing process is simple, so it is widely applied and popularized quickly. (The insulating glass that glass factory produces now is much this kind).
Ii. Five Indicators:
1. Initial dew point
2. Sealing test
3. Uv exposure
4. High temperature and humidity
5. Climatic cycle test
According to the national testing standards, how to arrange our production to meet the requirements of insulating glass? Because two kinds of insulating glass have a lot of similarities in process flow, their common process flow is analyzed.
1, glass cutting blanking
The original glass is generally colorless float glass or other colored glass, shading glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, with a thickness of 3-12mm. The above glass must comply with the new national standard of plate glass GB11614 excellent products, first-class products, can be used after passing the inspection.
Glass cutting can be done by hand or by machine, but it should be guaranteed to meet the size requirements. In the process of operation, workers should always pay attention to the glass surface without scratches, homogeneous endoplasm, bubbles, slag and other obvious defects.
2. Clean and dry the glass
The cleaning of glass must be done by machine, because manual cleaning cannot guarantee the cleaning quality.
The glass must be inspected without scratch before cleaning. In order to ensure the adhesive between sealant and glass, it is better to use deionized water. In addition, in order to ensure water recycling and save water resources, the water can be filtered to ensure long-term use.
After cleaning the glass to pass the light inspection, to check the surface of the glass whether there are beads, water stains and other stains, if there are beads, water stains and other stains, the machine running speed, heating temperature, air volume, brush clearance to adjust, until the effect is complete.
The glass after washing should be assembled inside 1 hour hollow glass, want to make sure additionally between glass and glass do not rub scratch, had better have semi-finished glass to store car, separate between glass piece and piece.

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