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What is the difference between laminated glass and insulating glass?

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Laminated glass and insulating glass are composed of two or more than two pieces of original glass, but the combination is not the same.
Sandwich glass is made of two or more than two pieces of original glass, each piece is sandwiched between transparent plastic lining, and is formed by hot pressing and sticking table. The glass is made of plain plate glass or float glass. Polyvinyl butaldehyde (PVA) and other plastic film are used as the substrate. Laminated glass is divided into plane laminated glass and curved laminated glass according to shape. According to the appearance quality is divided into excellent products and qualified products.
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Insulating glass is made of two or more original pieces of glass, separated by isolation frame and sealed with sealant, so that there is a dry air layer between the glass layers. The raw glass is made of laminated plate, tempered, heat-absorbing, heat-reflecting, embossed glass, etc. Sealant adopts two-component sealant, which must meet the performance requirements of insulating glass. The spacer frame can be aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, etc. Insulating glass has squares and rectangles according to flat shapes. Requirements for the appearance of insulating glass: the inner surface of insulating glass must not be affected by the floating heart splattering adhesive. The inspection items of insulating glass sealing, dew point, ultraviolet radiation, climate circulation and high temperature and humidity must pass, otherwise it will be judged as unqualified products. Beijing Oriental Haihua produces hollow glass, specific can ask.

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